What is Project Maple?

‘Project Maple’ is a year-long challenge given to me by a very dear friend of mine, named Josh (you can view his blog http://lifelikeariver.com), in an attempt to help me help myself.

For me it’s about growth and change.  About learning to take care of myself and making myself a priority; because as Josh says, Only when we first help ourselves can we effectively help others.  But more than that I want this project to be about love.  It is my hope that 2 more things will happen as I work through this project; I will learn to love myself, and I will fall in love with life again.


The Challenge/Assignment:

* Write down twelve things you wish you did for yourself.
* List them in the order of easiest to implement to hardest to implement. Take some time to think about it.
If you’re having trouble with that, then list them in order of what’s the least scariest to most scariest to deal with.
* Spend the next month working on #1 (working on it, not perfecting it… Don’t beat yourself up over it if it’s not perfect, but take it seriously, too). Break it down. Why is it important? Is it emotional when you do or don’t do it? Do you feel you grow or get more grounded?  These are just starter questions to ask yourself. Next month we will ADD #2 to work on.
* Create a blog if you don’t have one.
* Write about why you’re doing what you’re doing, the challenges you face in creating these habits, any re-evaluations you feel you need to make as you dig deeper into them, etc.
At least three paragraphs (at least four sentences a paragraph) twice a week. You can write 24 sentences a week about this.

If you want to kick it up a notch,

* Make another list of 12 things you wish you did for others.


My Original List of ‘12 13 Things I Wish I Did For Myself’:

  1. Read my bible daily and had a morning routine for my spirit.
  2. Affirmed myself daily.
  3. Took time to craft and create.
  4. Was more organized with important papers.
  5. Attended Church.
  6. Took care of my body by practicing self-control and self-discipline to exercise regularly and do my physio exercises daily.
  7. Attended social engagements with my friends instead of bailing on them.
  8. Stood up for myself more
  9. Let things go instead of being hurt.
  10. Stopped feeling guilty when I practice self-love.
  11. Was gentle with myself when I fail or think something I’m doing is not good enough.
  12. Believed in myself and my abilities.
  13. Took care of my body by practicing self-control and self-discipline to eat well.


Should anyone stumble upon this blog and be inspired to do something similar, I would love to hear from you! 🙂


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